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Net Promoter – What’s in a Metric?

March 1, 2007

Net Promoter Score (or NPS) is a concept that has seized hold of the “customer loyalty” industry because of its simplicity and the logical inference of a positive score vs. a negative score.

It’s easy to calculate — are more people recommending your product or service (“promoting”) as opposed to ignoring it/denigrating it (“detractors”). If the former exceeds the latter…then it only makes sense that it would have a positive impact on your company, right? Simple, intuitive and to the point…which is why Fred Reicheld and the other developers of NPS are rightfully basking in the spotlight.

While NPS is a revealing metric, there is a danger in hailing any one measure as the “ultimate question” in unlocking the mysteries of customer loyalty and financial growth. And when it comes down to it, I don’t believe that any of the NPS advocates are steadfastly insisting that this is the only information of value when assessing the “customer-centricity” and growth potential of an operation. (more…)


Customer Experience Litmus Test

January 23, 2007

Are you looking for a good diagnostic tool to let you know if your customer experience is up to par? Well, you can hire a consulting firm (such as LRA!) with some expertise in the area to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your “current state” customer experience…or you can complete this quickie internal diagnostic. It’s one question. (more…)

For a positive Customer Experience, uncertainty is the enemy

December 21, 2006

What is the worst feeling in the world for a customer following a service interaction?


For the customer, not getting exactly what they want from the interaction stinks…but it’s not the end of the world. As the Stones taught us years ago, “you can’t always get what you want.” A far worse outcome? Ending an interaction with a palpable feeling of uncertainty. These are the last thoughts that you want running through a customer’s head after a service interaction: (more…)