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Zero Defects…or Else

February 23, 2007

The well-chronicled debacle at JetBlue Airlines following the recent Valentine’s Day Storm, which cost the airline some $30 million in overtime, passenger refunds, and future travel vouchers, has sent shivers through every executive and brand manager who think they have their Customer Experience figured out. CEO David Neeleman who has spent the past seven years building a strong corporate culture centered on customer loyalty and becoming (along with Southwest) the recognized customer-friendly leader in the airline industry, now knows that all it takes is one operational breakdown to shatter that image. (more…)


Take Your Internal Brand to the Bank

January 26, 2007

It seems everyone is seeking ways to make the customer experience more personal, intimate and emotional. When even B2B marketers are trying to create “love” for their widgets, you know you are truly in the throes of the “Experience Economy.” If you’re a brand-builder looking to forge similar bonds with your customers in 2007, do yourself a favor – make a quick study of the companies and brands you personally like and dislike…and think about the “secret sauce” that makes them hum. (more…)