Nancy Peel

Nancy Peel
Nancy Peel
Director of Standards Development and Content Management

Nancy Peel directs LRA’s Standards Development & Content Management
practice area. Nancy has extensive experience in helping world-class
organizations document and communicate quality standards, procedures
and business practices. Nancy’s unique skill-set blends information
architecture competencies with technical writing ability necessary to
produce innovative information platforms for clients around the globe.
Nancy joined LRA Worldwide after spending 18 years with Westin Hotels
& Resorts and 3 years as an independent business consultant. As
Director of Standards and Quality Assurance for the Westin Brand, Nancy
managed the standards and quality assurance inspection and reporting
programs for 85 global hotels. She also directed the design and implementation
of the Westin Web, a secure Intranet web site presenting 4,000 reference
topics in English, French and German.

As an independent consultant, Nancy has completed similar projects with
Troon Golf (developed standards, orientation and service training materials),
Starbucks Coffee International (developed a secure extranet to communicate
international business systems), and Seattle University. Nancy holds
a B.A. in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Michigan
State University.


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