Customer Experience Litmus Test


Are you looking for a good diagnostic tool to let you know if your customer experience is up to par? Well, you can hire a consulting firm (such as LRA!) with some expertise in the area to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your “current state” customer experience…or you can complete this quickie internal diagnostic. It’s one question.

How does your company treat salespeople when they call?

Are they treated like vermin…or like potential customers. Are they ignored, given the run around and routed into voicemail purgatory…or do they receive a prompt, courteous call back. Either treatment provides a pretty clear window into the soul of your organization’s customer experience. Though you may think organizationally you can “turn-on” a customer-centric approach when faced with an actual customer, chances are your treatment of the salesman is more reflective of your natural state of being. Responsive and caring…or dismissive and callous.

As a consultancy that works with companies and brands on the design and delivery of an optimal customer experience, there is no greater death knell in the sales process than when a company promptly calls us back. Chances are…they don’t need our help.


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